Song of Horror is Coming to PlayStation and Xbox in May

Song of Horror is Coming to PlayStation and Xbox in May

Originally released in 2019, Song of Horror is a third-person survival horror game from developer Protocol Games. In Song of Horror, players are sent into the house of Sebastian P. Husher, a famed writer who, along with his family, disappeared without a trace. They soon find a malevolent entity called The Presence inside the house. In the story, The Presence is a dark force that is responsible for the mysterious disappearances, but in terms of gameplay, it's an AI-controlled antagonist that adapts to your actions. And since it's a non-combat adventure, the only way to deal with The Presence is to run and hide.

Since its release, Song of Horror has become a cult hit, garnering lots of critical acclaims and fan support. With third-person tank controls and fixed camera angles reminiscent of horror classics like Resident Evil and Silent HillSong of Horror wears its influences proudly on its sleeve. Much like those classics, Song of Horror also features challenging puzzles and an ever-present sense of dread that fans of old horror games will love.

Publisher Raiser Games has announced today that their survival-horror game is finally creeping onto consoles. On May 28, Song of Horror will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While the game was originally released in episodes, all five are packaged into one for the console release. There are also 13 playable characters, each with their own unique perspective on the Sebastian P. Husher case. But pick your actions carefully because death in Song of Horror can be permanent and if a character dies, you will have to continue the game with another one to finish the investigation. Click here to watch the console release trailer for Song of Horror.

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