Everything Announced at IGN Expo 2021

Everything Announced at IGN Expo 2021

The news continues. IGN Expo has given us more exciting news and announcements as part of their Summer of Gaming. Here are all the big announcements from the event:

  • Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions | September 3
  • Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One | 2021
  • Survival Machine | 2022
  • Doki Doki Literature Club Plus | June 30
  • Sifu | Coming Soon
  • Wild West Dynasty | TBA
  • Olli Olli World | Winter 2021
  • World War Z: Aftermath | 2021
  • Bramble: The Mountain King | 2022
  • Skatebird | August 12
  • Unpacking | TBA
  • Two Point Campus | 2022
  • The Forgotten City | July 28
  • Disciples: Liberation | TBA
  • Splitgate | July 27
  • Core Keeper | TBA
  • Inkulinati | TBA
  • Audio Clash: Battle of the Bands | Q3 2021
  • Blacktail | Winter 2021
  • Death’s Gambit: Afterlife | TBA
  • Black Skylands | July 9
  • Steelrising | TBA
  • Unbound: Worlds Apart | July 28
  • Broken Pieces | Q2 2022
  • Martha Is Dead | TBA
  • Haunted Space | TBA
  • Chernobylite | July 2021

Gearbox provided some details on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Unlike the mainline Borderlands games, this fantasy standalone title, the game will let you create your own character and it will take place after Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep DLC from Borderlands 2.

There are also a few DLCs announced during the event. Mortal Shell is getting the Virtuous Cycle DLC that’s coming soon. Streets of Rage 4 is getting new content called Mr. X Nightmare. An extended preview of Tunic was shown. The very much so inspired by The Legend of Zelda adventure game will be playable next week on Xbox. The Stranger Things DLC for Smite was also shown again which was announced yesterday, which adds Eleven and Hopper as playable characters with its July 13th release date. 

We have had multiple conferences that have shown off some exciting games, but this is all still just the lead-up to the E3 coverage this weekend. We will be posting throughout the weekend and reporting on everything that is announced, and if you would like to watch along with us, we will be co-streaming the event on Twitch. In the meantime, read all about the Koch Primetime event here.

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