Everything You Need to Know About the Koch Media Primetime Event

Everything You Need to Know About Prime Matter

As announced yesterday through a quick sizzle reel at the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live, Koch Media has started a new game premium gaming label titled Prime Matter. They have loads of upcoming games they will be releasing. The event was hosted by Geoff Keighley and Opal Cadman. Here are some highlights of what they had to say about the first games to be published by Prime Matter. Keep in mind, most of these games are still in early development so there is definitely a lot more information to come, and some of them may even change quite a bit before their release.

If there was a teaser/trailer or gameplay shown for any of the games, you can click the title above to view those videos. If you want a bit more about any of the games, let's now talk a bit about some of the key details they discussed during this event. 

The first game discussed was Painkiller. The series began in 2004 and it has been almost 10 years since its last installment, Painkiller: Hell & Damnation. They are keeping the details close to their chest right now, but fans of the series should be on the lookout for more information from Saber Interactive as they have more to share. 

The next of the twelve games they discussed was Brass Token's The Chant. The goal of this game was to create a unique survival horror. Their inspirations included Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, and more. Like most of the games on this list, it is still going through development, so there are sure to be many changes to the game and a bit of time before we see the first extended look at The Chant, which is currently said to be coming out in 2022. 

Warhorse studios' Kingdom Come Deliverance will be getting released on the Switch. The release date is still TBA

The fourth game discussed was the first to feature any video footage from the game with a quick trailer. Codename Final Form from Reikon will be an action-packed sci-fi FPS. You have a cybernetic woman who is mostly robot so you are much stronger than a normal human and have many unique weapons that you can utilize to defeat aliens. 

Massive Works Studio's, Dolmen is another sci-fi game, but this one with a focus on RPG. In this game you won't be the nice guy hero of the story, you will instead be completing jobs for big companies to save their investments. The game did draw some inspiration from Souls-like, so expect to die quite a lot while playing. 

Play as the new king of Nostria in King's Bounty II, a fantasy epic RPG from 1C Entertainment. Your kingdom has fallen on dark times and it is up to you to save your people and restore your lands to the glory they once knew. The first game. While the game is a sequel, it will not be connected to the story of any of the previous games. The game features a unique chess-like fighting system which sets it apart from similar styles of games like Mass-Effect or Fable. The official pre-order trailer from earlier this week showcased the fighting style, and you can check that out here.

We got a look at Mad Head Games' Scars Above with a few minutes of gameplay footage. Scars Above is a 3rd person sci-fi action-adventure shooter, with some new creatures to keep you on your toes as you explore and learn about the aliens. You play as Kate, a scientist in the game who is fighting for her life. You'll be using Kate's brain to create tools and weapons to help you further your research and make it out alive. The game's story is rooted in fear, and the dangers that fear can cause through people's actions because of it.

Dark Crystal Games' Encased is an isometric dystopian RPG set in 1976. C.R.O.N.U.S. needs you to work for them, there are multiple specialties that are represented through different colored wings. "Take the second giant leap for mankind under the dome." The game takes place in the Dome, which was found on the Earth and no one knows how or why or where it came from. Those who enter the dome become encased in it and never escape. 

In Echoes of the End you'll play as Ryn, who was trained all her life to be a warrior and service to a throne but is forced to give up her fight for the crown and go out on her own where she must confront the world that turns out to be so much more than she thought. This is Myrkur Games' first ever game, and it is quite an ambitious project. 

The Last Oricru from GoldKnights is an action RPG that shows good and evil from different perspectives of the living and breathing world. Players find themselves in the middle of a war, and you have the choice to either do the right thing or cause harm wherever you go. The choices you make will influence the sci-fi medieval world around you and the war going on. The game will be available to play single-player and coop. 

Payday 3 is the ultimate bank-robbing experience. Since the original game and its sequel, the goal of the developer's Overkill Software is to create the most immersive robbery experience possible. You work with a tight crew as you steal and murder, all in the name of your next payday. 

And those were all the games discussed in the Koch Media Primetime event about their new publisher, Prime Matter. What was your favorite game announced? Let us know in the comments below. 

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