FromSoftware Announces Elden Ring Delay and Closed Network Test

FromSoftware Announces Elden Ring Delay and Closed Network Test

Earlier today on Twitter, FromSoftware updated excited Elden Ring fans with two new pieces of information, that the game will be getting a closed network test and that the game will be delaying its launch from its original January 21, 2022 date by a month. The new expected launch date is February 25th, 2022. This means that the already stuffed month of new releases has to make room for FromSoftware's biggest game to date.

FromSoftware has conducted closed network tests for its games in the past. Think of them as a closed beta, they allow people in at certain times throughout a given day to play the game and test server stability which helps make sure they can identify and solve any problems that arise before the game launches. You are able to sign up via Bandai Namco’s website to be potentially selected to participate in the network test, just make sure you sign up before November 1st, 2021. You are able to select your preferred platform during the signup and you can choose between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S. 

The announcement of the delay may come as a disappointment to many who are eagerly anticipating the newest dark fantasy adventure out of FromSoftware, but game delays are ultimately a good thing. In most cases, delays make for more polished games at the time of their release, and FromSoftware has a pretty good track record when it comes to their game launches so there likely isn’t much to worry about. The only thing one should hope for during these delays is that the devs aren’t being forced to add excessive crunch time in order to hit that release. One extra month isn’t that long of an additional wait. Though you should probably look into canceling those planned sick days.

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