God of War is Coming to PC in January

God of War is Coming to PC in January

While PlayStation promises that it's unlikely that PlayStation exclusives will release on console and PC on the same day, there is still a growing list of exclusives that are making their way on to PC. Over the last few months, we've seen Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone make the jump to PC, and now, after selling 19.5 million copies on the PlayStation 4, it's time for Santa Monica Studio's epic Norse adventure, God of War, to do the same.

God of War is a gripping continuation of the Kratos storyline that brings the iconic PlayStation character to Norse mythology and gives him a challenge he was not prepared for; fatherhood. With responsive controls and a lens that seamlessly stitches gameplay and narrative together, God of War is not just a great PlayStation exclusive, but one of the best games ever made. And there's no further proof of that than IGN's Best Game of All Time Bracket that saw God of War take the number one spot after over 26 million votes.

The PC release of God of War will have several visual upgrades including have higher resolution shadows, improved SSR, and better ambient occlusion with GTAO and SSDO. The game will also support Nvidia DLSS and Reflex. God of War on PC will have an unlocked framerate, can run in native 4K, and will be playable in ultra-widescreen. To top it off, for players who still want to play God of War with a controller, the game will have controller support with the option to remap buttons. God of War is releasing on January 14, 2022, for PC via SteamRagnarok, the sequel to God of War, was delayed earlier this year and is expected to come out on the PlayStation 5 sometime next year.

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