The Tomorrow Children Returns from the Void After Four Years Offline

The Tomorrow Children Returns from the Void After Four Years Offline

Developed by Q-Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Tomorrow Children was a free-to-play online game that was released back in 2016 for the PlayStation 4. Despite "a large number of fans worldwide clocking up hundreds of hours" into the game, just one year after launch, the game was taken offline. However, today, four years after the game went down, the Kyoto-based developer is happy to announce that the IP is now back in their own hands.

The Tomorrow Children was a unique large-scale multiplayer game that featured an unorthodox rendering technology called Voxel Cone Tracing. The game had malleable terrain that was open for players to build towers or dig holes with the goal of drinking Voidka and defending their town in a Neo-Soviet alternative future. Q-Games is currently working on making a few changes to the game before the grand re-launch. Dylan Cuthbert, the director of The Tomorrow Children, and CEO and Founder of Q-Games, had the following to say:

I’d like to thank first and foremost the fans of The Tomorrow Children, without whom, I would never have had the confidence to keep pursuing this deal. Our fans are some of the most amazing gamers out there, and every day for the past four years they have kept the dream alive. I think the happiest thing about this decision is imagining the enjoyment those fans will feel as they re-enter the crazy post-apocalyptic neo-soviet world of The Tomorrow Children.

Secondly I’d like to thank Sony Interactive Entertainment for also working with me to have the IP returned to Q-Games. It has taken a concerted effort by all of us to get to this ultimate step, and I’m full of gratitude to everyone involved in the process. I am now tweaking and re-working parts of the game every week, and I hope everyone follows along and gets involved in this process.

There is no date on when The Tomorrow Children will be back online or even what platform(s) it will release on when it does. Players excited to return to become a Citizen of the Void can sign-up for the Postcards From the Void newsletter now. Doing so will get you an email that has a short message from Dylan Cuthbert as well as a few screenshots that tease what's to come. Be of luck to the comrades at Q-Games as they reshape the Motherland once more.

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