See How Awful You Really Are When Trolley Problem Inc Launches Later This Month

If there was a trolley heading towards 5 people on a track and you had a lever in front of you that would change the trolley's path so it instead only killed 1 person, would you do it? Many of us have come across this popular philosophical question at some point in our life, and the answer is one that has been debated by many throughout the years. ReadGrave's Trolley Problem, Inc. is a dark comedic philosophical adventure game that will ask players 55 thought-provoking multiple-choice questions across 90 minutes of gameplay. These questions are based on genuine philosophical problems and reference original philosophical papers. 

Players start the game as new recruits to Trolley Problem, Inc. and whether or not you earn the job will be determined through thought-provoking problem-solving scenarios, but don't worry, only the lives of a few people and a dog will be affected by your choices. All these questions, and the following judgments based on what you chose, will be narrated to you by Jan Ravens, known from Dead Ringers, Spitting Image, and Skins. Samuel Read-Graves, the solo developer of Trolley Problem, Inc., has the following to say about their game:

Everything is awful at the moment, so what better way to take your mind off that fact by playing something which will make you feel worse? Trolley Problem, Inc. presents some genuinely testing and morally challenging scenarios based on philosophical problems and has been designed to spark debate in a format only possible through videogames. The journey isn’t entirely bleak – there are moments that I hope will make players laugh out loud – but ultimately, it’s a game about making hard choices and discovering more about yourself and how your moral compass compares with the rest of the world.

Trolley Problem, Inc. allows for multiple profiles so you can compare and discuss your choices locally, or you can check out the global statistics to reflect on what choices players are making around the world. Described by Forbes as “2022’s most important game…” Trolley Problems, Inc. comes to PC on April 21. You can wishlist the game now on Steam and check out the game trailer here.

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