Bohemia Interactive Offers a Glimpse at Arma 4 with Arma Reforger

Bohemia Interactive Offers a Glimpse at Arma 4 with Arma Reforger

The Arma series from Bohemia Interactive has produced some of the most popular military sandbox games ever made. However, with Arma 3 coming up on its 10-year release anniversary, fans want to know what's next. Well, in an aptly titled Future of Arma live stream, the Czech-based game company did just that.

In the stream, Bohemia Interactive revealed Arma Forger, a new work-in-progress version of their next game that shows off their Enfusion engine in action. Arma Forger is a creative platform that will allow users to tweak and modify their experiences with an assortment of tools and services. Arma Reforger is being treated as a standalone installment, but the feedback the developers get will be used to better the series' next main release.

That's right, Arma 4 is also in the works. There's little we know about the big game at this time, other than the fact that it's being created on the Enfusion engine. Bohemia Interactive is hoping to build a strong community of modders with the new suite of integrated, in-house tools for the engine.

To share all the user-created content made on Enfusion, Arma Reforger is also launching with access to an in-game platform called the Workshop. There, mods made by PC users can be shared with other players, including those on console. The game will also have Workbench, a software package that provides the community with the very same tools used for development. We won't get too deeper into the weeds about it, but anyone with a good grasp of C# scripting should be able to add custom AI behaviors, audio, and visual assets, or even completely new gameplay mechanics to the game.

Similar to Arma: Cold War Assault, the new game takes players back to the island of Everon along with a familiar fictional 1980s setting. The terrain, part of the fictitious Malden Islands archipelago, spans an impressive 164 km2 area containing 51 km2 of landmass full of low-rolling hills, mountains, patchwork, fields, and idyllic towns inspired by the former state of Czechoslovakia.

Arma Reforger is available now on PC via Early Access and Xbox Series X|S as a Game Preview. The game has two multiplayer modes: Conflict and Game Master. Conflict is a team versus team deployment where players have to work together in order to capture strategic positions from the enemy. Game Master is a real-time scenario editor that gives you a dynamic sandbox to play with. Click here to watch the Arma Reforger showcase trailer and click here to watch the Road to Arma 4 teaser. Are you excited about the future of Arma? Let us know down in the comments.

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