Board the Ship of Fools When It Docks on Console and PC Later This Year

Board the Ship of Fools When It Docks on Console and PC Later This Year

Previously announced only for Steam, Team17 and Fika Productions are happy to announce that their co-op rogue-lite, Ship of Fools, will also be launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch later this year. Play alone or with a friend in the online or local co-op as you set sails on the high seas as anthropomorphic sailors trying their best to save the Archipelago from a variety of monsters and natural disasters as you try to prevent the Aquapocalypse.

As players navigate through treacherous waters in their ship, Stormstrider, chaos is around every corner. There are cannon fights to be fought, enemies to be wacked by oars, repairs to be made, leviathans to be defeated, and an Everlasting Storm to try and outlast as you do your best to not end up in Davey Jones' locker. After successfully winning these various encounters, players will secure rewards and uncover the treasure. There are also shops on remote islands, and you can use harpoons to collect items out on the open sea.

Using what you find and accomplish will allow players to upgrade your crew and unlock items and additional fools to help you towards your ultimate goal of defeating the final boss and ending the Aquapocalypse. It may take multiple runs, learning as you go, in order to successfully save the Archipelago.

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