Sci-Fi Horror Game ROUTINE is Still In Development and Scary as Ever

Sci-Fi Horror Game ROUTINE is Still In Development and Scary as Ever

ROUTINE, a first-person sci-fi horror game developed by Lunar Software and published by Raw Fury, was re-revealed during Geoff Khieghly’s 2022 Summer Game Fest broadcast. The game features music and sound design from Mick Gordon of Doom and Killer Instinct fame, and is set on a spooky moon base inspired by a 1980’s vision of the future. 

ROUTINE was originally revealed in 2013. After a lengthy 5-year development, the Lunar Software team discovered several aspects of the game that they felt negatively impacted the experience they were trying to create. According to a statement released by the team, financial stresses and social strains coupled with these negative aspects of the game pushed them to find a new publishing partner (Raw Fury) that could help them navigate these issues while restarting the development. In the statement, Lunar Software apologizes to fans who have been waiting patiently all these years for the game and while they don’t want to repeat the past and announce a release date too early, they are excited to be working on the project once more. 

The in-game trailer offers glimpses of a downtrodden and dimly lit vintage-looking moon base stalked by unsettling murderous robots. Armed with a Cosmonaut Assistance Tool, the player is seen attempting to scan one of the robots when they are attacked from behind. The visual presentation and the audio design are setting up a brutal and haunting vibe as you explore this space station looking for answers as to what transpired there. 

According to the game’s Steam page, players will explore contrasting sectors of the Lunar station from abandoned malls to deteriorating living quarters, discover modules that unlock new functionality for the C.A.T, and survive by running, hiding, or attempting to use the C.A.T as a last resort. The game also highlights a minimal HUD to really immerse players in the world of the game. ROUTINE is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, as well as Xbox Game Pass.

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