Review Guidelines

Every week there are dozens of games being released, and though we'd love to talk about them all, it's simply impossible with our small team. Plus with big entertainment websites providing on-the-hour updates it's not where we want to spend our energy. Instead, the titles we discuss are ones that are of personal interest to us. Games that we've had on our backlog or that we've been anticipating. If we consume some sort of gaming-related content and we have something to say about it, we'll write. This ensures that we never mindlessly pump out content to stay relevant and you can rest assured that everything we say is our honest opinion.

Another byproduct of our small team is that we review games in the order we receive them. We're lucky enough to be at a place where we get offered game keys quite often and that is something we don't take lightly. Our number one goal is to make sure that our reviews accurately reflect our own experiences with the game. So we focus on one game/game review at a time per team member and the reviews will go up in order that we receive the game. 

All of our reviews are written from the subjective viewpoint of the reviewer based on their experience while playing the game. This does mean that sometimes one person's rating for a game will be different than another's, but all our team members do their best to rate the games fairly to accurately represent their thoughts. With that said, here is our review scale:

10 | Masterpiece
9 | Excellent
8 | Great
7 | Good
6 | Decent
5 | Mediocre
4 | Poor
3 | Bad
2 | Awful
1 | Unplayable

Lastly, we review games across all major systems. If a game is out on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or PC we have the facilities to play and review that title. Being console gamers, and having most of our audience on the same board, we do review more games on consoles than on PC. But, at the of the day, it's the game that matters.

Whether you are a game developer wanting to show us your game, a PR agent looking to get in touch, or just a passionate gamer wanting to nerd out; if you want to contact us for any reason at all, you can click the "Contact" button up on the bottom right of the site. Please note that our team never accepts compensation for our reviews or reporting.

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