How to Find the Cure in Green Hell

How to Find the Cure in Green Hell

Green Hell is out today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which means that a whole lot of new players will be picking the game up and completing it. Those who peeked at the Trophy list for the Green Hell will notice that the game has a good and a bad ending. The bad ending is pretty straightforward and you will most likely see it if you beeline it to the final objective. The good ending, however, needs some work. Mainly completing the optional objective of finding the cure for the disease that you yourself have brought to life due to careless research in hopes of saving your wife. If you have not yet gotten the bad ending, and want to get it after this, then make sure you create a separate save file before following this guide, so that you can load up afterward. With that said, here are the steps to find the cure in Green Hell

Campsite Omega Map in Green Hell

Find Campsite Omega | To start off, you will need to get to Campsite Omega. After your second to last Ayahuasca trip, you wake up in a cave with a skeleton and an audio recorder. Head out of that small cave and go straight ahead until you arrive at the campsite with two tents. One tent will be destroyed with several gaping holes. Inside there are several cots for sleeping, a save calendar, and the map shown above.

Medical Lab in Green Hell

Enter the Medical Tent | The other tent at this campsite will be where you develop the cure. Unlike the first tent, it won't have a hole in it, you will have to walk up to the front and interact with the door. Once inside, you'll go through a sanitization spray and enter the back. There are several audio recorders and papers to inspect here, but for this guide, you can skip those and head to the back corner where you will find two refrigerators.

Infected Blood Sample Location in Green Hell

Infected Sample | This step is pretty simple. Inside the top refrigerator there's an infected blood sample. You pick up the infected blood sample and go to the front of the room to the sample analyzer machine. Once there, simply interact with it to place the sample inside.

How to Catch Poison Dart Frog in Green Hell

Catch a Poison Dart Frog | The cure is almost yours. For this next step, you will need to catch a poison dart frog. And I mean catch. Not kill. You will need a live specimen for this to work. To find some poison dart frogs, exit the tent, and head right towards the water. Scan the waterline and pretty soon you will find one or two skipping around. Without killing it, put your crosshairs over the frog and it will give you the option to take it. Keep in mind that catching a live poison dart frog will poison you so you'll need some painkillers on hand to deal with that.

Sample Analyzer Machine in Green Hell

Insert Test Sample | And you're already to the final step. While looking at the analyzer machine, open your backpack, interact with the live poison dart frog in your bag and place it on the opening. After that, the cure is complete and along with the respective Trophy or Achievement, you will have the cure in hand.

That's it. The cure to save millions is yours. To get the good ending, head to the Yabahuaca village by going north a bit and then east until you find a grappling hook. Follow the paths in front of you until you reach the village. Once there, you will have to make one final Ayahuasca brew that will start the game's final few sequences.

One interesting thing to note is that the key to the cure, the poison dart frog, is actually something revealed at the very start of the game during the tutorial segment where Mia says that the Yabahuaca administer small doses of the frog poison to their skin as a sort of vaccination. It was something I totally ignored my first time through and it's cool that it was brought back for the end. Anyway, I hope this helped you out. Now go enjoy the ending for Green Hell and let us know which ending you liked more down in the comments.

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