Thymesia Launches on PC This December

Thymesia Launches on PC This December

Team17 and OverBorder Studio have announced that Thymesia is coming to PC later this year. Set in a fallen kingdom with a dark history, Thymesia is a punishing action RPG where plague-masked Corvus, half-human, half-raven hybrids, have special abilities to help them unlock scattered memories and unravel the many mysteries that hide in the shadowy corners of the once-prosperous kingdom.

In Thymesia you play as one such Corvus. In order to survive, take control of the plague and weaponize it against enemies. Mastering the combat in Thymesia means pairing the plague powers with perfectly timed parries and dodge rolls. Customize your Corvus, experiment with different builds, and use everything in your arsenal to fight unforgiving enemies that have been corrupted by the plague. Though that won't be as easy as it sounds.

Thymesia launches on PC via Steam on December 7. You can Wishlist it now on Steam. Check out the release date announcement trailer to see the game in action. Thymesia is the debut game from Taiwan-based studio OverBorder. The team is made up of seven developers, who have development experience from various other studios in the past. We were given the opportunity to ask the developers a few questions recently so stay tuned for the interview coming soon.

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