Epic Chef is Out Now on Consoles and PC

Epic Chef is Out Now on Consoles and PC

Have you ever wanted to become a master chef but without Gordon Ramsay's verbal assault? Well, now you can in Epic Chef from Infinigon Games and Team17 Digital. Epic Chef is set in Ambrosia, the capital city of the Kingdom of Concordia. You'll play as Zest, a new chef looking to prove himself. You battle against other chefs in food fights as you work to go from a novice sous chef to a notable master chef. In these battles, you must utilize a wide variety of ingredients and flavors to create a unique dish. Every judge has their own tastes and preferences, meaning no two battles will be the same. There are over 100,000 dishes to be made in this game containing everything from street rat to unicorn so there is plenty of room for experimenting as you try to please the judges. 

While there is plenty of freedom as you experiment with dishes, repair, and design Zest's villa home, and go on trips around Ambrosia to the spa, fishing, or to just chat with friendly locals, Epic Chef is still a narrative-driven adventure and you will see this story unravel as you continue on your journey to being the most masterful and well-renowned chef in Ambrosia. 

Epic Chef is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. If you purchase the game before November 18 you can also get 10% off and if you already own one of the Overcooked! titles or My Time in Portia you can receive an extra 10% off if you purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or Steam.

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