Hermitage: Strange Case Files Clue Guide

Hermitage: Strange Case Files Clue Guide

Hermitage: Strange Case Files is an investigative visual novel that charges you with talking to various people, scouring fictional message boards, and reading unusual books to find clues that help you get closer to the bottom of the mystery at hand. The problem is, being a game that can take up to fifteen hours to beat, there is a lot of information you will pick up on as you play the game as you play and throughout the game's chapters you will be asked to make a deduction by putting together clues that you have gathered. 

That is where this guide comes in. Below you will find all the questions the game asks you, and the correct trio of clues that you need to use in order to be successful. Obviously, spoilers are ahead so scroll through this guide carefully, and only go down up to the question you are on to get the most out of the game.


Question 1: How realistic are these dreams?
  • Correct Clue 1: The illusion of "nothing to do."
  • Correct Clue 2: The clock tower chime.
  • Correct Clue 3: The viewing platform incident.

Question 2: What Happened to Eloise?
  • Correct Clue 1: The "Yucai Cup" cheating incident.
  • Correct Clue 2: Watercolor painting "Bloom."
  • Correct Clue 3: A painting in a pool of blood.

Question 3: Where does "Lilac Grass" come from?
  • Correct Clue 1: Conclusion: Her visions reflect the "past."
  • Correct Clue 2: An unforgettable experience.
  • Correct Clue 3: Ancient Prescriptions.

Question 4: Searching for Cecile's "Eyes."
  • Correct Clue 1: Chronicles of the Crane Temple.
  • Correct Clue 2: A vision of inhuman eyes.
  • Correct Clue 3: Conclusion: "Lilac Grass" returns to its land of origin.

Question 5: Reasons for harming younger students.
  • Correct Clue 1: Eloise's trivial struggle.
  • Correct Clue 2: Iron, but not steel.
  • Correct Clue 3: Cecile's Decision.


Question 1: Strange happenings in the neighborhood.
  • Correct Clue 1: Empty garbage cans.
  • Correct Clue 2: The whereabouts of suspicious people.
  • Correct Clue 3: Drag marks in the hallway.

Question 2: Hidden danger.
  • Correct Clue 1: The legend of the Kangning District.
  • Correct Clue 2: The whistling in the night.
  • Correct Clue 3: "Shrines, Gods, and Messengers I"

Question 3: The purpose of the "Visionary Society."
  • Correct Clue 1: The Halberd.
  • Correct Clue 2: Marks on the family portrait.
  • Correct Clue 3: "We need to get out of here"

Question 4: Reasons for Hilde's Involvement.
  • Correct Clue 1: Conclusion: "Garghoul."
  • Correct Clue 2: Hilde's secret.
  • Correct Clue 3: Conclusion: Rituals by the "Visionary Society."


Question 1: A brand new case.
  • Correct Clue 1: Visitors from "Yuhui Village."
  • Correct Clue 2: A horrible nightly encounter.
  • Correct Clue 3: A visitor from outside the village.

Question 2: What happened to Zack?
  • Correct Clue 1: Reunion with "Fatty."
  • Correct Clue 2: Zack's state.
  • Correct Clue 3: A stranger's words. 

Question 3: Hibernators in a high-rise building.
  • Correct Clue 1: Dispute in the Sanjun Building.
  • Correct Clue 2: "The Seven Seas"
  • Correct Clue 3: A weird room.

Question 4: The actual reason for the "kidnappings."
  • Correct Clue 1: Conclusion: Outsider's plan.
  • Correct Clue 2: Conclusion: Failed transformations.
  • Correct Clue 3: Conclusion: Foreign visitors.

Question 5: A new vision for the city.
  • Correct Clue 1: The second "crater."
  • Correct Clue 2: Unnamed manual found in the dark.
  • Correct Clue 3: Conclusion: Expansion Plans.


Question 1: The history of the factory.
  • Correct Clue 1: Xindu TV Factory 11.
  • Correct Clue 2: Electric trap.
  • Correct Clue 3: Note nr. 1.

Question 2: What happened to the people?
  • Correct Clue 1: Cat paws.
  • Correct Clue 2: Note nr. 2.
  • Correct Clue 3: Missing pets.

Question 3: The "owner" of the factory.
  • Correct Clue 1: Circus poster.
  • Correct Clue 2: The odd guardian.
  • Correct Clue 3: A mysterious device. 

Question 4: What was the cause of the tragedy?
  • Correct Clue 1: A wicked circus.
  • Correct Clue 2: Conclusion: Spiritual replacement.
  • Correct Clue 3: Conclusion: today's "owner" of the factory.

Question 5: Another truth.
  • Correct Clue 1: Note nr. 3. 
  • Correct Clue 2: Secret note.
  • Correct Clue 3: "The Structure and Origin of Time."


Question 1: The story behind the theft.
  • Correct Clue 1: A deal made 3 years ago. 
  • Correct Clue 2: Mysterious notes.
  • Correct Clue 3: Theft at the history building. 

Question 2: Danger at the Tora Memorial Middle School I.
  • Correct Clue 1: The janitor's strange illness.
  • Correct Clue 2: Mass fainting.
  • Correct Clue 3: Potholes on the tennis court.

Question 3: Danger at the Tora Memorial Middle School II.
  • Correct Clue 1: Informed students.
  • Correct Clue 2: Bloodstains by the warehouse.
  • Correct Clue 3: A bloodbath in the auditorium.

Question 4: The real motive of the person who started it all.
  • Correct Clue 1: Bronze Bell. 
  • Correct Clue 2: Anonymous note 2.
  • Correct Clue 3: Targeted artifacts.

That is the full guide for Hermitage: Strange Case Files. I guess you do have a clue now. Alright, before I see myself out. Just in case you aren't doing so already, make sure to utilize the game's multiple save file feature to easily get back to parts of the game where you wish you did things differently. We will have more coverage of Hermitage on the way, so be sure to come to read more. And until then, good luck with your investigation.

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