FPS Action Game Warstride Challenges Comes to Steam Early Access

Put your FPS skills to the test with the upcoming action shooter Warstride Challenges. Blast hordes of demons as you race against the clock to complete the perfect run, most likely dying and retrying quite a few times along the way. As you race you'll have the ability to slow time for headshots, bunny hop to go faster, slide around corners, use shockwaves to destroy your enemies, and more. As you play you'll unlock a large arsenal of weapons and powers to maximize your destructive capabilities. 

In Warstride Challenges, you can compete with your friends or the ghosts of anyone online to try and get the highest score to prove who's really the best. Many challenges will come in your way as you fight through the hordes, and if there's something specific you want to try, you can create and share your own challenges as well as play ones created by others from the community.

Warstride Challenges is the first title to come from the indie game development studio, Dream Powered Games and will be published by Focus Entertainment as part of their indie series. Warstride Challenges will release for Steam Early Access on April 19. Get a glimpse at the gameplay by checking out the announcement trailer here.

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