Cyber Heist DLC Coming to The Ascent Later This Month

Cyber Heist DLC Coming to The Ascent Later This Month

From Cyberpunk 2077 to Observer: System Redux, I have played a lot of cyberpunk-themed games in recent years and The Ascent from Swedish indie studio Neon Giant remains one of my personal favorites. Set on the planet Veles, The Ascent is a gritty action-shooter RPG that was released as an Xbox console exclusive first before releasing on PlayStation earlier this year.

Today, publisher Curve Digital and Neon Giant announced The Ascent: Cyber Heist, a new DLC set after the events of the base game and is accessible for those who completed the main campaign. Take part in a top-secret mission solo or with friends in a range of new main missions and exciting side quests, powered by new weapons and advanced melee combat in a previously unexplored arcology owned by Malhorst-Gelb Group.

Cyber Heist will be available on August 18 for $10 for players who already own the base game. If you are new to Veles, there is a new Cyber Edition of the game that will cost $45 and come with the base game along with the Cyber Warrior and Cyber Sec DLCs and Cyber Heist. And for those of you who want to take your love for the game a step further, there is also a Noghead plushie that you can buy here. (Though do note that the page seems to be down as of writing this.) For more on The Ascent, click here to check out my full review, and click here to watch the Cyber Heist DLC trailer.

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