Far Cry 6 Post-Credits Scene Explained

Far Cry 6 Post-Credits Scene Explained

Far Cry 6 is a long game, and after the equally long credits, showing off the names of the teams that brought the game to life, there's another title card. This post-credits scene is what this article is about. But first, a big spoiler warning as I will be giving some context clues before I talk about the actual post-credit scene itself. Do not read further if you have not played Far Cry 6 yet.

Far Cry 6 ends with Anton Castillo killing his son Diego and then taking his own life. Dani Rojas decides to take the kid and walk away from the potential responsibility of ruling over Yara until a free election can be held. Once that scene ends, there is a fade to black, with another quote from Juan Cortez, and then finally a scene with Juan and Dani drinking together. Then credits roll. Whether you skip the credits or let them play out, jamming to the music, you will end up on the Far Cry 6 title card. In the background, you will hear a conversation between Juan and an unnamed smuggler. The conversation goes as follows:

Juan: Libertad thanks you for your support. And I come bearing good news. Our Viviro supply has tripled.

Smuggler: Ah. You know it's so sad about that Castillo kid. I mean what his papa did. Wow, that is crazy.

Juan: Mhm. A tragedy.

Smuggler: [laughs] Well you know some people are just sick in the mind hermano, they're out of control.

Juan: Same time next week.

Smuggler: [laughs] Oh, you can bet your life on it.

Juan: Mhm yeah...

Smuggler: [laughs]

And that is all. A simple interaction between Juan and a smuggler. However, the keenest of Far Cry fans will notice the voice of Michael Mando, also known as Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3. If you would like to hear the conversation for yourself, watch the post-credits scene video on the Dan Allen Gaming channel. Now another spoiler warning is needed for Far Cry 3 so read further at your own risk.

Vaas Montenegro dies at the end of Far Cry 3. And it's not really a "left up to interpretation" kind of death either. The man takes a knife to the chest and collapses. Though, that may not be entirely reliable considering the player was having a major trip when said knife was going into said chest. As for what it means for Far Cry 6, the post-credits scene could be a nice little easter egg, a nod to one of the most iconic villains in the series. Or perhaps it's a tease at the upcoming Far Cry 6 Become the Villain DLC that revisits Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed.

Then there's the most popular theory, which claims that Far Cry 6 is set in an alternate universe, which is based on the fact that certain events from the end of Far Cry 5 are not present in this game. In this alternate universe, Vaas is still alive and well, and, to some degree, helped fuel the Libertad fight against Anton Castillo.

Of course, this is just one of the two endings in Far Cry 6. If you want to know how to get the earlier alternate ending, click here to read the guide. You can go to to check out all our Far Cry content. We'll have more coverage of the game and the DLC as they release so stay tuned.

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